Seven Days of NYX Cosmetics Lip Lustres Lipsticks

A few weeks ago, I posed a challenge to myself on Instagram – a week of lipstick. Now, on the offset, you may ask – you’re always wearing lipstick, what’s so different about this challenge? Well, my friends, it was a challenge of sorts because I was trialling the NYX Cosmetics lip lustre glossy lip tints.

I’ve said it a lot of times on the blog and on my social media – I’m not a fan of lip gloss, I hate that sticky feeling, I can’t stand when gloss transfers on to a glass or a coffee cup (it’s so freaking hard to remove!), and I really dislike how easily gloss seems to smudge and slide around. Granted, they look incredible, but 5 minutes of wearing them makes me batty (more so than usual).

I received the NYX Cosmetics Lip Lustres in a goodie bag at the Cosmic Metals launch party*. I received 7 shades ranging from a dusty nude to vibrant orange and purples with a bunch of pinks thrown in for good measure.

Packaging & Colours

The Lip Lustres look like any other liquid lip product – it comes in a standard plastic tube with a black lid. The colour on the bottle references the shade of the product inside.

Of the colours available, I have 7 shades:

As you can see, the shades are pretty vibrant, but the gloss works well to make the colour a bit more wearable; this way, you’re not thrust back to the 80’s era. Yes, I wore these shades to work. Some were alright as work suitable, others (like the purple shade) – not so much.

Application & Texture

These lip products have a doe-foot applicator. But unlike standard liquid lipstick applicators with an almost tear drop shape, these are elongated. It didn’t deter from the application process whatsoever.

Coming to texture. This is what usually gets me everytime. I’ve mentioned that I can’t stand the feel of lip glosses. These Lip Lustres start off as a gloss and fade into a tint over time. But the gloss doesn’t feel like a gloss if you know what I mean…. These feel like a lip balm – very satiny, definitely slips around; but they don’t have the sticky feeling that’s typical of a glossy product (which is what makes me go batty every single time). The deepest shade I’ve got – Violet Glass – required an extra layer to get that deep pigmentation I’ve achieved on the swatch.

Lasting Power

You know what’s different about this product? It’s that once the glossy ​bit fades off, you’re left with a tint of the shade you’re wearing. But this is by no means a long lasting product. It is not transfer proof as you can imagine. You’re better off carrying this with you for constant touch ups.

Overall Thoughts

So what are my thoughts of wearing these lip products? I loved the vibrant shades. I didn’t have any qualms about wearing them during the day – I was most scared about the orange and the purple shades. The orange was the surprise twist of the bunch. I was expecting a really loud lipstick shade, but this was not as loud and trashy as I thought. I would honestly see myself wearing this colour again.

Do I love the texture? Yes and no. I don’t love it at the start where it has this glossy balm like feel to it. I really love it once that gloss fades off and you’re left with this gorgeous tinge of colour on the lips. The resulting tint is comfortable to wear, doesnt feel like it will crack nor does it feel like a goopy glossy product. Yes, I did try blotting the gloss off with a tissue – it took off the colour too. Can I push through that balmy feel? For sure – I mean, I’ll just have to drink lots of chai and coffee so that it transfers​ quickly leaving me with that stain of colour. Hahaha – that’s not a lot of effort at all.

What about you – would you wear these shades? Am I totally nuts with not liking glossy lip products?

*I received these products for review, but my opinions are my own.


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