Sheet Masks

I love my masks – I’m addicted to them. They are like dark chocolate to me – I LOVE THEM (yea, I just repeated it, but I really like them so much!). There are so many of them around that it is so easy to get confused by what to use.

I first spotted sheet masks when watching Korean dramas on YouTube. The K-TV stars used to use a lot of sheet masks when they had to get ready for a big event – date, a celebration, or even to impress someone with their beautiful skin.

I’ve tried a range of sheet masks around – mostly Korean brands, but my favourites are from The Face Shop and I keep returning back to the brand. Here’s a review of some of my most used masks from the brand.


This is mostly for maintaining hydration on the skin. It contains Honey and Nicotinic acid, which helps to give the skin its that radiance and moisture. The serum has a thin consistency which leaves a lightly sticky residue on the surface.

White Tea

This is a new one for me. I noticed the great new packaging and I was immediately drawn to it. This mask contains an emulsified serum made from white tea to give dehydrated and flaky skin a boost of moisture. Funnily enough, it has a floral scent.

Red Ginseng

This mask contains 6 year old ginseng to give your skin a boost of energy and nutrition. I’ve noticed in the Korean cooking and beauty shows, red ginseng is highly sought after ingredient. The mask in itself has a reddish tinge from the ginseng.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is known for its nourishing properties and for improving skin elasticity. This mask contains emulsified moisturising serum from Shea Butter to help the skin with it’s elasticity.


Cleanse and tone your face. Apply the sheet mask starting from the forehead down to the chin. Make adjustments to ensure that the mask is flat against the skin (or as flat as you can get it). Leave on for 12-15 minutes and pat the remaining serum on to your skin.

Hot tip: once you’re done with the mask, don’t throw the remaining serum into the trash; you can use that again for a quick pick me up. Also, I watched a YouTube video of a K-TV star getting ready for an awards ceremony where the makeup artist first used a hydrating face mask then mixed the remaining serum in with a foundation to retain that coveted hydration and luminosity on the stars’ face.

Note that the effect of these masks are only temporary. The Face Shop house not just these sheet masks, but others brands too. Not only that, they even sell other Korean skincare and makeup brands as well. These sheet masks from The Face Shop are so affordable, I highly recommend stopping by and getting one to try.

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Have you used sheet masks before? Which of these sheet masks appeal to you?


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