Marryeco: My five-step K-beauty Routine

K-beauty has taken the world by storm. This momma here loves her K-beauty products. One of my first posts included K-beauty products – check it out here. Granted, I don’t have the time to follow the 11 step beauty process, so I rely on the basics – which, if I count correctly, is about 4-5 steps? (I will have to do a count of that at some point).

I was was recently introduced to the brands Teencrush (Makeup) and Marryeco (Skincare). So I thought I’d run you through a post dedicated to one brand. This one is all about the skincare (Marryeco), so let’s get right into it shall we?

Step 1: Cleansing

Sonamoo Kbeauty Skincare Marryeco

Depending on what I have on my skin that day, I use multiple cleanser just to make sure I’ve removed all traces of makeup and sunscreen. Or on makeup free days, I rely on my Halo makeup remover and water to scrub off stuff off my face. Most mornings, if I’ve been vigilant with my skincare the night before, I just wash my face with cool water.

Step 2: Toning

Toning is something I used to sorta – kinda use. Most toners that I used growing up were laden with alcohol and felt super drying on my skin. I knew something was wrong when my skin felt dry and tight (definitely the opposite of calm). So, for the most part, I avoided using toners – until now. The Marryeco Nourishing Toner has this sticky base, that reminds me of snail mucin (or mucus). What I like about this toner is that not only does it smell really nice, fresh and light, it absorbs into my skin really well. Not only that, my skin feels absolutely hydrated – and definitely not at all dry and tight.

Step 3: Emulsion

Next up is the Marryeco Nourishing Emulsion; This has a white base and will emulsify when you start rubbing the product into your skin. It feels just as lightweight as the Toner, however, it is not as sticky in texture.
What I find interesting is that the Toner emulsifies more than the actual Emulsion. But even then, it doesn’t take away from the hydration that these products provide. 

Step 4: Serum

I have serums galore! Across different brands and types of serums! I’m excited to use an oil serum, because two in one step? Who doesn’t love that!!!
This serum has the texture of an Essence. It starts off with a milky white base that then smooths into a serum. It has the hydration of a hyaluronic acid, yet doesn’t feel too oily and viscous as some of the heavier serums. This is going to be a staple for me come summer, as it’s light enough to feel refreshing on the skin, especially on a hot, sticky summer’s day.

Step 5: Moisturiser

We are now reaching the final step of the K-beauty skincare routine. It’s a long(ish) journey, but we’re finally there. It’s the final step to achieving that coveted hydrated, beautiful looking skin. I also pop some eye cream under the eyes. Here’s a secret tip: I stick my eye cream in the fridge for that added coolness and to help reduce puffiness under my eyes. 
The Marryeco cream is quite thick, and feels heavy on the skin. Unlike some affordable branded moisturisers, once smoothed onto the skin, the heaviness eases off. I will be using the moisturiser more in my evening routine just for the heaviness – especially in summer. 

Overall Thoughts

I’ve always been confused by the use of a Toner and Emulsion. To me, this seemed like a step in a routine that I could skip really. In my research, I found that emulsions are like a watery moisturiser that helps the skin absorb the serums and moisturisers on the skin. But in my opinion, if the toner works in helping the skin absorb moisture, do we really need an emulsion as well? While some people swear by it, I have been on the fence about it.
On days that I follow the minimum of these 5 steps, I find that I don’t even need foundation – just some concealer under the eyes, blush on the apples of the cheeks, eyeliner in the waterline, mascara and lipstick.
At least once a week, I also exfoliate and apply a mask – mostly on rotation with different brands. More on that to come soon.

I’ve been using these products by Marryeco for over 4 weeks now and I’ve had some initial breakouts – though I believe that it was more hormonal than a reaction. But that soon cleared up thanks to the Murad Anti Blemish Treatment. My skin has been feeling a lot more clearer as can be seen on the above Instagram post.

Overall, my skin has been feeling healthy and I’ve gone about 3 weeks without any form of foundation on my skin – just a touch of concealer under the eyes, set with some powder.

You can purchase Marryeco products on their website here

Now I throw the gauntlet to you – what sort of routine do you follow? Do you go bare minimum or full on K-beauty?

These products were sent to me by JP Company for editorial purposes, but that does not sway my review in the any way. My blog post is my own honest opinion.


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