Project Pan 2017 – The Goals

I know I did a post on Project Pan last year. But I think I went about it all wrong. Instead of setting a goal for myself, I just went with the flow and did a blog post because I was excited to actually be able to hit pan. This year, I’m setting myself some […]

Review: Maybelline Lip Studio ColorJolt Intense Lip Paint

Maybelline came out with a product that’s a combination of liquid lipstick and lip gloss. I was pretty keen on trying it out because I’ve been too hooked onto matte lipsticks and was looking for a change to something a bit different. According to the Maybelline website: Color Jolt Lip Paint goes where no gloss has […]

Review: Maybelline  Eye Studio Color Tattoo

I love eyeshadows. I am truly obsessed. I have waaay too many shadows in my collection than I know I’m ever going to be able to use. Cream shadows are one of my favourite products to use because they are pretty much fool proof and the staying power means it won’t crease and budge on […]