The Body Shop Holiday 2018 Collection

With a couple of weeks until Christmas, brands are bringing out their Christmas Collections in full force. I was recently invited to The Body Shop in Melbourne to check out their Christmas Range.

Being a work day, I had to sort out the home before I could even step out (living the #mommylife). Got home from work, made sure my little one was in the hands of Mr Lubz with a list of instructions and off I went. I managed to reach the Bourke St store about 5 minutes before it was due to start (phew!).

We were ushered in by the Beautyheaven team at 7 on the dot. The store was beautifully decked out for the festive season. Collections displayed enticingly in every corner, calling out to you. After a few introductions, the agenda was set – we were separated into groups of 5 or 6 and sent into different corners of the store to learn about the new range coming out this season. 

The Body Range

Our first station was the new range of Body products specific to the holiday season – body butters, body scrubs, hand creams and even body sprays. The collections are coded the colours of Christmas – 

  • Berry Bon Bon (Red) Peppermint
  • Candy Cane (Green)
  • Vanilla Marshmallow (White)

They smelled absolutely delicious, of comforting vanilla, cooling peppermint and fun berry. The underlying scent is familiar and can be easily recognisable as a Body Shop product – their signature base scent if you may! I was immediately drawn to the vanilla and marshmallow range. The peppermint candy cane range is totally invigorating and makes your body feel cool. Perfect for a summer’s day when you feel all wilty and need some pepping up. The Berry Bon Bon has a fun fruity scent that is quite pleasant. 

I think the team were mind readers because they brought out food and drinks just in the nick of time – my stomach was all kinds of rumbly. And embarrassing!

Community Trade Gifting

After we were sufficiently fed and watered (like horses?), we continued to the next station, which was the Community Trade gifting station. We were introduced to the new gift bags and boxes. The gift bags are made of jute from India and the boxes are handmade from Nepal. Both ranges come in a small medium and large size. The boxes come with information on Community Trade and the impact of giving back to the community. The jute bags come with inspirations of how you can repurpose the bags e.g. decorating a potted plant, gifting products, storage, etc. 

Makeup Range

Next up, we had the Makeup range. And this station brought back so many memories. Back when I was young(er) and had hardly any money to spend on stuff, I dropped some decent chashola on the body shop brushes. Back then, it was a really big deal for me because I just came to Australia and everything was new and oh so overwhelming. One of the things that was truly familiar to me was The Body Shop and I just had to buy the brushes. Fast forward to 10 years later and the brushes are still going strong. Like super strong. And the bristles have still retained their softness. My son now loves playing with the brushes and mimicking me as I apply my makeup in the morning. 

The Body shop has brought out some new makeup products just in time for the holiday season – colourful mascara, eyeshadows, liners and even a shimmer spray. The liner comes with a stamp too, perfect for festivals or even for a fun artsy look.

Skincare is Still at the Heart of It

Last but not least, we were reintroduced to some great sellers from The Body Shop. Things like The Camomile solid cleanser – a dupe for a certain product that takes the day off your face. At slightly less grammage, this product is certainly priced at less than half than that of the pricier product. The Drops of Youth range is really enticing and their serums look so good. Definitely adding to my holiday gift registry (yes, I’m starting a gift registry for the holidays haha).

All in all, it was a great evening, filled with lots of interactive stations full of information. I will leave you with some more photos of the event.

What are your thoughts of the new holiday collection from The Body Shop? Do you see anything you like? 


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