What’s New at Milani

You all know about my love affair with Milani! I’ve been diligently using their Conceal & Perfect Foundation and the Tea Rose Blush. So, when their new releases landed on my desk, I’m sure you can imagine I had the biggest smile on my face!

Moisture Matte Colour Lipstick in Matte Naked

The Colour Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine is one of my favourites – I mentioned it on my post (Red Lipsticks on Rotation). The Matte Naked lipstick is this brown nude shade that’s a warm step into MLBB. For people with lighter skintone than me, you will find that it is a lot warmer than nude. Like the Colour Statement lipstick, this one too has a strong scent to it. Thankfully the scent doesn’t last too long – about 1/2 hour into wear, the scent dissipates.

Matte Naked lasts a decent amount of time – about 5 hours through a few cups of chai and some food. The best part of this lipstick shade is that even if it fades off, it doesn’t look too patchy.

Baked Blush in Bella Bellini

Milani baked blush in Luminoso is one of Milani’s coveted and iconic products in their range. Bella Bellini is this beautiful pink blush with gold shimmer over the top. It starts as a subtle sheen to a buildable colour. I find that in order to build the colour, you need to layer it and concentrate on buffing product onto the apples of the cheeks. The gold shimmer in the blush means you’ve got your popping highlight included with the colour in your cheeks!

While the pink hue gives this really fresh looking result to the skin, the gold shimmer does tend to emphasise the texture on your skin. I LOVE using the blush as eyeshadow; something about the gold and shimmer makes the eyes pop.

In terms of staying power, the colour of the blush looks just as fresh at the 6 hour mark, it does tend to fade after that, leaving the gold glow behind.

Strobelight in Sunglow

Lets pause here to let the beauty of this highlight sink in. Just Look. At. It. Isn’t it beeeautiful!? Also, this highlight is pigmented! I mean, you wear this stuff and forget the Great Wall of China, YOU’RE going to be seen from the moon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE using this in the inner corner of the eye for that open eye glow! The golden highlight definitely calls out to summer and times when you’re on the beach and that sun hits the angles on your face with the blinding intensity that only the sun (and now this highlight) can give. The glow by no means chunky; it feels smooth on the skin and blends really well.

EasyBrow Tinted Fibre Gel

The bristles on this brow gel are small! I have Milani’s original clear brow gel and it has a mascara style wand with big bristles. While it didn’t really matter with a clear gel formula, I did find that I would struggle with a brown coloured gel – the colour would get everywhere and ruin a perfectly made up eye! All that hard work blending…down the drain. This brow gel however, features a tiny wand with brush bristles (not plastic!) and not only does it grab the brow hair, it’s also small enough that it doesn’t smudge everywhere else. The brown gel is perfect to give a bit of oomph to your natural brow.

Powder / Bronzer Brush

In a few words – soo soooo soft! This brush picks up powder and buffs it onto the skin to achieve a smooth finish. I love using it with the Rose Blush in Tea Rose. The dome shaped bristles deposits product and the soft bristles make easy work of buffing product onto the cheeks.

That’s the roundup of what’s new at Milani. What appeals to you most? 


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