Winter Skincare Essentials: Facial Edition

Welcome back beauties! A few weeks ago, I talked about my winter essentials for body and hands. This post is all about the winter skincare essentials for the face. I follow similar principles for the face – cleanse, tone, moisturise. But on top of it, I have extra steps I use in my routine. Yes, I know we’ve reached spring, but hey! It’s been more like winter than spring.

Just wash itwinter skincare

I always take my makeup off at the end of the day. Most days I use a double cleanse because of the sunscreen I’ve got on, but my skin feels better after doing so.

I first remove all traces of makeup with cotton rounds soaked in micellar water. When I feel lazy, I skip the micellar water and just go with The Face Shop rice water bright cleansing cream. Followed by the Ausceuticals Calm Down face wash. Now this face wash is interesting. It comes in a powder format; you need to add the water to activate it. I can smell rice and oats and all the natural goodness that your grandma would have used in home remedies. My skin feels so calm after using this product.

Love: The Face Shop rice water cleansing cream, Ausceuticals Calm Down face wash*, La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution and Bioderma Micellar Water*

Scrub it upwinter skincare

I’ve been a huge fan of physical scrubs for the longest time. My all time favourite scrub is my Aesop gentle scrub. It contains quartz, a naturally ocurring hard mineral and works to remove the surface of the skin abrasively.

Another product I’ve been loving – not sure if it consitutes a chemical scrub though – is the Klara reset gel. A super gentle scrub, you dot product all over your face and rub it in circular motion. This will ball up the top layer of the skin and reveals this wonderful layer of youthful, glowing skin.

If you’ve watched my Instagram stories, I mentioned the Murad Resurfacing Peel wipes. These are gentle AF. You wash your face and pat dry. Grab a towelette (it looks like the refreshing towelettes you used to get at restaurants) and gently wipe all over the face avoiding the eye area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then apply a moisturiser. Your skin looks absolutely phenomenal! I am running out and I will need to get some more.

Love: Aesop gentle face scrub, Klara reset gel, Murad Resurfacing Peel wipes*.

Oily does itwinter skincare

I’m a sucker for facial oils and my recent faves are the Ausceuticals Marula Oil and the Trilogy Antioxidant+ Rosehip Oil.

I’ve been banging on about how much I love the Trilogy RHO both on my blog and social media, so I’m not going into depth about how much I love this product.

The Ausceuticals Marula Oil is a relatively new addition to my stash, and I’ve been loving how smooth my skin feels. To be honest, I have been using this oil everywhere – dry skin be gone!

Love: Ausceuticals Marula Oil* and Trilogy Antioxidant+ Rosehip Oil

Pass the Moisturiser Pleasewinter skincare

As if the oils weren’t enough to hydrate, I do slap on some moisturiser too. I’ve been on this journey to find the perfect moisturiser and I’ve come to the realization that you can’t have one all-rounder moisturizer (well, for my skin anyway). It will change according to the seasons.

I recently dove in and purchased the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light moisturiser and I’ve been loving how light it feels on the skin.

Love: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light moisturiser

Serums, Acids and Potionswinter skincare

One way to make sure your skin remains plump and hydrated is by the use of serums. Now this is a topic that requires a post all on it’s own as there are so many products out there in the market that it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Sometimes I feel that there are serums for each letter of the alphabet.

My current ones on rotation are the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum, the Clinique Vitamin C serum*, the Ausceuticals B serum* and the Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid.

All are aimed at a different section and it’s a matter of research on what you want to achieve. I will admit that I’m nowhere near as savvy when it comes to reading ingredients and understanding fully what they do (good ol’ Google works for me). But my beautiful braniac friend Felicia (from the beauty and the geek) has some brilliant posts here that you can visit and read up on these types of products.

Loves: Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum, the Clinique Vitamin C serum*, the Ausceuticals B serum* and the Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid

Bonus: Maskswinter skincare

I don’t know how the folks on Instagram make a mask session look so glamorous… I can tell you that I am the opposite of glam. Hair up in a messy bun, mask on, laundry piled to the ceiling #mumlife.

I’ve been using the Belle Botanicals green clay mask. Now it smells of linseed oil, and the fragrance is a favorite of mine because it just takes me back to when I used to do oil paintings as a hobby.

Another clay mask I love is the Boticabliss Pink Clay mask. It smells of rose petals and my skin feels so refreshed and smooth after it.

I’m also a sucker for sheet masks – mainly the cute ones from The Face Shop and most recently, the Skin Republic sheet masks.

Loves: Belle Botanicals Green Clay* mask and Boticabliss Pink Clay

If you’re keen to read about my previous post, hit up the link on winter body essentials here.winter skincare

That rounds up my winter skincare essentials. Have you tried anything I’ve listed in here? Share your favorites in the comments.

*These products were PR Samples, but that doesn’t sway my opinion. My review is my own honest opinion


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